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What is the Media Manager?

The Media Manager is a centralized file repository in Boothy where you store all media assets and files to use in your booths, collections, and events. The assets in the Team Media section of the Media Manager is accessible by everyone in your team (except for users assigned with the "Event Host" role).

Note that there is also a Personal Media section in the Media Manager. Unlike Team Media, this is a private repository only accessible to you. Learn about the difference here.

How to Add Files to the Media Manager?

To add files to the Media Manager:

Click on your Profile icon on the upper right
Click on Media


Then, you can add your files by click on the Image and File icon. You can also add videos by copy and pasting the URL from a third party video hosting provider (such as YouTube).

For more information about what type of assets are supported in the Media Manager, please refer to this article.

Media Manager

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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