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What is a Team?

A team in Boothy is how you decide which booths belong together and which users have access to them. You might decide your entire company or organization all belong to one team, or a separate team for each department or product line.

Note that when you first sign up for a Boothy account, a team with your name is automatically created. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you immediately update the team name and team URL to your planned objective. For instructions, please proceed to read this article: How Do I Customize My Booth’s URL?

Can I create additional teams?

Absolutely. You can easily create additional teams and switch between them. To create a new team:

Click on your Profile icon on the upper right
Click on + Create New Team

How do I switch to a different team?

To switch to a different team:

Click on your Profile icon on the upper right
Click on the desired team to switch to under Switch to Another Team

How do I invite other team members to my team?

For instructions on how to add other members to your team, please refer to this article: How Do I Invite Other Team Members to Join My Team?.

Each team role provides various level of access to your team, booths, and other assets. For a detailed explanation, please refer to this article: What Are the Different Team Roles?.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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