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How Do I Customize My Booth’s URL?

How Do I Customize My Booth’s URL?

In Boothy, there is a team (a.k.a. organization) URL and a booth URL. Your team URL can default to a specific booth. For example, if your team URL is set to, you can also assign this URL to one of your booths. You can find and change your Team URL by selecting Team under your profile icon.

We highly recommend you update your team URL right away, as once it is claimed, it is no longer available.

Then update your Team URL and optionally assign a default booth to this URL.

For other booths, the URL will be the combination of the team URL followed by a booth slug you can customize. For example, if you have a training booth, the URL for that booth might be

To update the booth slug, click the the Manage button for the booth you would like to change.

Click on Edit or Edit Booth.

Next to Settings, click Edit. You will see the Booth Settings.

Use the Booth URL section to change the booth slug. Note that the change will immediately take effect.

NOTE: Your URL will need to be unique.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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