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Can I Accept Payment in My Booth?

Can I Accept Payment in My Booth?

Yes, you are able to accept payments in your booth. Boothy has partnered with Yevma to accept and process payments. Yevma is a fast and secure payment solution, without the need to download an app or requiring your customers to sign-in. Payments can simply be made with text messages!

How do I accept payments in my Booth?

In your Booth Dashboard, click on the Manage button.

Inside the booth settings, select Edit Booth or Edit.

Next, click on the Edit button next to the Payments section. You will see the payment settings for Yevma. To set up a Yevma account, click on the link Learn how it works. A page with detailed instructions on how to setup an Yevma account for Boothy will be shown. Click on the sign up link to register your email account to Yevma.

Once you have created a Yevma account, edit your Yevma account settings with the required information to receive payments. The following video will guide you on how to set up your Yevma account.

After your Yevma account is set up, simply put the number you selected on Yevma in the Payment settings in Boothy.

After entering your phone number, you are able to customize the payment instructions for your customers. There are two prefilled messages, one for selling merchandise and another for accepting donations, or create your own custom message.

Select the option of your preference

Click on Apply, and if you are ready to start accepting payments, click on Save & Publish.

Note: Yevma is a separated service from Boothy. For more information on pricing - click here

How to sell items in your Booth?

After setting up your Yevma account, it is time to sell your products or items inside your booth. In the following video, you will find the instructions on how to do this.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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