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What is a Booth (a.k.a. Boothy πŸ™‚)?

What is a Booth (a.k.a. Boothy πŸ™‚)?

A booth on the Boothy platform is like a physical booth in the real world. It is a 24x7 space you can use to interact with your customers, audience, and others whenever you need and like. Meet with a sales prospect, conduct training, host a speaking engagement, promote your products and services are just some of the engagements Boothy is ideal for.

Just like a physical booth!

Like a physical booth, you can personalize it with your brand, media, and messaging. Conducting a training? Load up your booth with the training materials without having to sending them to your participants. Pitching to an investor? Set it up with your pitch deck, executive summary, and personalize it to that specific investor.

What makes Boothy unique?

First and foremost, you have a dedicated URL you can customize and use to market and promoter anywhere. The booth is 24x7 (as long as it is published) so your customers can visit at anytime. And if you are not online, they can still alert you via SMS that they want to speak with you. Unlike a website, you have the opportunity to engage with them when they are most interested!

An Example of a Boothy

Secondly, you can take that same booth to host or join a virtual event, without any extra work! It is truly like a physical booth you can take anywhere.

Host or join a virtual event with the same booth

Last but not least, you can create multiple booths for different purposes. Maybe a booth for each department or different product lines, or one booth for general sales and another booth for training etc. The possibilities are endless.

And did we say you can group the multiple booths into a collection? You can even add other booths to your collection by inviting them. This is perfect for an association or collective with multiple members.

Setting one up is super easy!

Creating and setting one up is super easy. Just follow this video tutorial.

Updated on: 26/05/2022

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