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What is the Purpose of the Email Subscription Section?

How Does the Email Subscription Section Works?

The email subscription section is similar to a website that solicits visitors to enter their email addresses in order to send them communication and marketing materials. Once a user fills in the subscription form on a booth, the booth host will receive an update in their Contacts section. The user’s email address is added to the Subscribers list.

How to Set up the Email Subscription Section?

Follow these steps:
On your booth dashboard, click Manage on the booth you want to change.


Click on the Edit Booth or Edit.

Edit Booth

Click on the Edit button next to Email Subscription section.
After clicking on the Edit button, you will see the options available for the Email Subscription section. This section is enabled by default. You can disable this section if you do not want to collect visitors' email addresses.

You can also personalize the request and subscription confirmation by changing the default text in both the Description and Confirmation Text, respectively.
After editing this section, click Apply.
If you are ready for these changes to take immediate effect in your event, click on the down arrowhead located at the top right of the page, next to the Preview/Enter buttons. Select Save & Publish. Then, a box will appear and select the option Publish Now.

Where Can You Find the Email Subscribers?

On your booth dashboard, click Manage on the booth of your preference.
Click on the Contacts button.
In the Contacts section, you will see the name, email, and date of the person who subscribed to your emails.


The data in the Contacts section can be exported as a CSV file. Click the Export button to download the Contacts data.
Another option is to sync your subscribers information to another CRM platform. This can be done through Zapier. Refer to this help article - Is It Possible to Automatically Send My Subscriber Information to Another Platform Such as HubSpot Or Mailchimp? on how to set this up.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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