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How to Record a Video Chat

How to Record a Video Chat

Booth hosts can record their video chat session by clicking on the Record button. The recording is saved in the recordings section.

Starting a recording

After starting your video chat, click the Record button.

Click on the Start Recording button.

A 5-second countdown will start before your recording begins.
Other participants in your meeting will be notified that a recording is starting, and a banner will indicate a recording is in progress.

Stopping a recording

Click the Stop Recording button in the banner at the bottom of your screen.


This will immediately stop the recording and will be added to the Recordings section of the booth.

Caution: Closing the browser without stopping a recording may result in an incomplete recording!

How to Find the Recordings Section?

On your booth dashboard, click Manage on the booth you want to check the recordings.

Click on Recordings on the left navigation bar.


You will see a list of the video(s) that you have recorded.

NOTE: Your recorded video chats from your booth will be listed. You can download your recordings, and/or transfer them to your media library for use in your booths, collections, or events. Recordings in the Recordings section will be available for 4 weeks, after which they will be automatically deleted.

If you want to transfer a video to the media library:

Click on the three dots at the corner of the video.
Then click on Transfer to Media.
Transfer to Media
The initial status is Not Transferred. The it will changed to Queued for Transfer. Then to Encoding. The final status is Done.
Status: Not Transferred
Status: Done
Once the status is Done, go to the media manager by clicking on Media in the Profile menu on the upper right.
Click on the Video section. The video should now be available to use as any other content.

If you want to download a video to your hard drive:

Click on the three dots at the corner of the video.
Then click on Download.
The download will begin.

The recording is saved as a .webm file. To play this file, you may need to transcode it (to .mp4, for example). There are many ways to convert a .webm file. Here are a couple of ways:

CloudConvert: Browser software that offers free and paid plains
Handbrake: A free app for Windows and macOS
Most video streaming services like Vimeo and YouTube support .webm files. All you have to do is upload them.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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