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How Do I Add Category Filters to an Event?

How Do I Add Category Filters to an Event?

Booth categories lets your visitors filter booths by various custom categories. For example:

"Art Medium", with choices like Photography, Oil, Sculpture, etc.
"School Type", with choices like Vocational, University, etc.

You can create up to two categories for each event.

Follow these steps to add category filters for your event:

On your Boothy Dashboard, click on Events at the top right of the page, next to Collections.
Click the Manage button on the event you want to add category filters.
Next, click the Manage Booths button.
You will see the General Settings section. The Booth Category Filters are disabled by default, but you can enable this option by toggling the button.

Enable Booth Categories
Make sure that you have turned on the category filter in General Settings once they are set up.

After enabling Booth Categories in General Settings, select the Booth Categories section next to it.
Click on the + Add Category button. Remember that you can create up to two categories for an event.
After clicking the +Add Category button, a dialog will prompt you to enter a name for your category.
Click the Submit button after entering the name for your category.

Now, you will need to create the options for the category. Add the options by selecting the three dots next to the category name and select Options.


Click the + Add Option button. It will prompt you to enter an option. After entering an option, click Save. A confirmation dialog will appear confirming that the Event category has been updated. When you are finished entering all the options, click Done.

Once you have set up the options for each category, use the Booth Categories Table to assign the desired options for each booth.
Click on edit next to the booth and under the category option you would like to assign.
Click on the Select Category Options dropdown and choose the desired options to assign to the booth by clicking on it.

Once you are finished setting up the different categories and assigning the options for each booth, you can review the changes by clicking on the Preview Event link. This is next to the Manage Booths for this Event title, under the name of the event.

Preview Event

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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