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What is Event Stage and How Do I Set It Up?

What is Event Stage and How Do I Set It Up?

The Event Stage is the main stage of your venue event and is located on the top of your event and above the booths. It is composed of a video/live stream area and an event-wide text chat. You have the option to completely turn off the event stage or just the event-wide text chat.

The Event Stage includes the following key elements:

Text Chat: add an engaging event-wide text chat to your event.
Stage Image: display an image or photo on the stage.
Pre-recorded Video: show a pre-recorded video on the stage.
Live Stream Video: show a live stream video on the page. You can use a tool like Streamyard or Zoom to broadcast a live stream to your event stage.

The event stage will show either the Stage Image, Pre-recorded Video, or Live Stream Video as follows:
The Main Image will be shown if a Pre-Recorded Video is not selected, and a Live Stream Video is neither configured or live.
The Pre-recorded Video will be shown if a Live Stream Video is not configured.
The Live Stream video will be shown if it is enabled. It will show the Main Image if the video is not live.

Event Stage Example with Main Image and Event-Wide Text Chat

Follow these steps to set up your Event Stage:

On your Boothy Dashboard, click on Events at the top right of the page, next to Collections.

Click on the Manage button on the event you want to configure the event stage.

Next, click on the Edit button or Edit Event button.

Click on the Edit button next to the Event Stage section.

After clicking on Edit, you will see the Enable Event Stage option under Event Stage Options. Enable it to further configure the event stage.

Event Stage Options

Remember to click Apply at the bottom of the page after making your changes. If you want to preview your changes, remember to select the Preview Live Event button.

If you are ready for these changes to take effect immediately, click on the down arrow located at the top right of the page, next to the Preview/Enter buttons. Select Save & Publish. A confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm your action by selecting Publish Now.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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