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What is a Boothy Event?

What is a Boothy Event?

An event on Boothy is similar to other typical virtual events. It is a planned occasion that occurs at a predetermined date and time for a specific duration. Besides providing the expected features most virtual events offer, Boothy's events differ in the following ways:

You can host a virtual event in your booth (a.k.a. Booth Event) or one with multiple booths (a.k.a. Venue Event)
Venue events, like collections, are assembled with booths owned by your organization or outside of your organization, making them extremely easy to setup and host

An example of a venue event with the Live Event page shown

What is the Differences between a Booth Event and a Venue Event?

A Booth Event takes place within your booth. Since it only involves one booth, there is no center stage or an event wide chat. It is ideal for individual content creators and vendors to conduct promotional virtual interactions such as product demos, Q&A sessions, author talks, and other teach and learn activities.
A Venue Event takes place within a virtual venue on a unique Live Event page consisting of multiple booths, with an optional center stage and an event wide chat. It is great for a larger event with multiple organizations, speakers, vendors, and content creators. Typical venue events are job fairs, trade shows, conferences, and consumer shows.

Both booth and venue events provide a separate Event Info page. This is the main page you will use to inform and market to your attendees. They will also register for the event and enter the live event here.

Both booth and venue events has an Event Info page

To learn how easy it is to create your first Boothy event, take a look at this video tutorial.

The Boothy team is constantly improving our virtual event capabilities. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or discuss how we can make your events more successful.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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