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Can I Use Eventbrite for My Registrations?

Can I Use Eventbrite for My Registrations?

Many event organizers use Eventbrite to advertise an event, sell tickets and manage registrations. Boothy provides you a seamless way to use Eventbrite to register your attendees for a Boothy event.

Once you enable Eventbrite for registrations, attendees will only be able to register through the Eventbrite page, not through the Boothy Event Info page.

We assume you have already created the event on Eventbrite. To enable Eventbrite for your event, follow these steps:

On your Boothy Dashboard, click on Events at the top right of the page, next to Collections.

Click on the Manage button in the event you want to enable Eventbrite.


Next, select the Registration section.


Click on the Eventbrite tab.

Check the box, Enable Eventbrite Integration.

Click on the drop down arrow menu and select Connect an Eventbrite account.

Once you have selected this option, the page will redirect you to Eventbrite Login page.

Enter your login credentials. It will then ask you permission for Boothy to access the Eventbrite account. Click on the Allow button to continue.


You will be redirected back to Boothy and ask to provide a name for your connected Eventbrite account. Enter a name and click on Submit.


Click again on the drop-down arrow menu and select the newly connected Eventbrite account.

Another drop-down arrow box menu will appear to select your Eventbrite Organization.

Select the Eventbrite Event you want to associate with this Boothy Event. Click on Attach Event.

Attach Event

A confirmation dialog will appear. If you do not want Boothy to send registration emails to attendees that are already registered on Eventbrite, check the box. Click on Attach Event to proceed with the integration.

Attach Event

Another confirmation dialog will appear to confirm that the Eventbrite event was attached successfully to the Boothy event.

Click Save to save all the changes.

How does the registration work after being set up?

Once you have enabled Eventbrite registration, each registrant's data will be added automatically to Boothy when they registered via Eventbrite. Please note the following about Eventbrite registration:

Upon setup, attendees brought over from Eventbrite will be sent a registration email unless you check the "Don't send Boothy Registration email" option when associating the Eventbrite event.
New registrants from the Eventbrite event will automatically be added to this Boothy event. They will receive a registration email from Boothy unless you check the option to not send email.
IMPORTANT: if you choose the option to not send Boothy registration email to attendees, then they won't get the link that lets them access the event - you will either have to send those to them manually, or enable the Fast Track Event Entry option under Registration Options.
On the Boothy event info page, the registration button will direct users to the Eventbrite event.
If you detach the Eventbrite event, all registrants that were imported from Eventbrite will be removed from this Boothy event.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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