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How Do I Add a Search Function for an Event?

How Do I Add a Search Function for an Event?

If you have a large number of booths participating in your event, adding the ability for your attendees to search for a specific booth will definitely enhance their event experience.

Search Booths

Follow these steps to enable the search function for an event:

On your Boothy Dashboard, click on Events at the top right of the page, next to Collections.
Click on the Manage button in the event you want to enable the search function.
Next, select the Manage Booths button.
Toggle the Enable Booth Search button.

Enable Booth Search
Once you have enabled this function, you can check how it works for your event by clicking on the Preview Event link. This is next to the Manage Booths for this Event title, under the name of the event.

Preview Event

If you have added booths to different tabs such as Other Booths or Sponsor Booths, attendees won't be able to search booths from those pages in the search function unless they have clicked on that specific tab.

Updated on: 16/11/2022

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