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How Do I Add New Content Sections in My Booth?

How Do I Add New Content Sections in My Booth?

Boothy is truly customizable. You can add new content sections or customize existing ones to provide the exact contents or messaging to your customers. For example, you can add a section to showcase your work, feature product images or marketing materials, share a pre-recorded presentation, and even products for purchase from your Shopify store.

Follow these steps to add a new content sections or update an existing one:

On your Dashboard, click on the Manage button.
Click on Edit or Edit Booth.
Click Edit next to the Booth Content section.
By default, the booth contains an Info section label. You can edit this section, remove it or add additional sections.

Edit Booth Content

To add a new section, click on the + Add Section button at the bottom and select one of the five choices: Text Section, Gallery, Video Section, Shopify Products, and Yevma Payments.

You can add more than one Text Section and Shopify Products. You cannot add more than one Gallery, Video, or Yevma Payments.

Text Section

Text sections are general purpose sections that you can use to educate your visitors about you, your organization, your products, or whatever message you are trying to convey. These sections are rich text sections which means you can also add images and videos as well. Note that you can add more than one text section for different purposes. For example, a section called About Us that communicate what your company is about and another section called "Upcoming Events" that lists the dates and places your company will be at.

Showcase multiple pictures, videos, and files to your booth using this section. You can add each media along with a description. Leverage this section to showcase your products, latest events, and even presentation or pre-recorded materials. For a list of supported media, please refer to this article - What Types of Media are Currently Supported by the Media Manager?

Video Section

Use this section to showcase a main video. Note that you can also add videos in the Gallery and Text Section, but this section might be more ideal to highlight a specific one.

Shopify Products

Coming soon.

Yevma Payment

Sell your products using Yevma service. You can customize this section to accept payments, donations, and more. To learn more about Yevma Payment, please refer to this article: Can I Accept Payment in My Booth?

Remember to click Apply at the bottom of the page after making your changes. If you want to preview your changes, remember to select the Preview button.
If you are ready for these changes to take effect immediately, click on the down arrow located at the top right of the page, next to the Preview/Enter buttons. Select Save & Publish. A confirmation dialog will appear. Confirm your action by selecting Publish Now.

Updated on: 05/12/2022

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