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What Do the Different Registration Options Do?

Boothy offers you a variety of settings for attendees' registration for your event. This will help you to manage people who enter and register for your event.

When you haven't enabled the registrants' options, this is what your event attendees will see on the event page.

What Registrants Will See On Your Event Entry Page when you haven't enabled any of the options

Always Allow Entry
Registrants will be able to enter the live event page anytime, even before and after the event. They will need to know the URL of the live event page to enter the event unless the option Show Early Entry and Revisit Event Buttons is enabled. (The event info page link is not the same as the live event page link. The live event page link is followed with the same event info page link plus /live)
Always Allow Entry Buttons

Show Early Entry and Revisit Event Buttons
When this option is enabled, registrants will see an "Early Entry" button prior to the start of the event and a Revisit Event button after the event. They won't need to have the live event page link because this will show attendees . (This option only works when Always Allow Entry is enabled)
Early Entry and Revisit Event Buttons

Enable Fast Track Event Entry
Allow registrants to enter by entering their email address. When this option is enabled, in addition to the Register button, there will be an additional button in the event info page labeled Already Registered?. Clicking on the button will ask your attendee for their email address. If they enter an email address that is already registered, then they will be let right into the event. Otherwise, it will tell ask them to check their email address or register for the event.
Register and Already Register? buttons

With this option, users who registered for your event on Boothy won’t have to find their registration email with the special link to enter. Or, you can add the registrants manually and just let your attendees know that they simply have to click on this link and enter their email address.

Keep in mind that this option bypasses our email verification process to ensure the attendee owns the email address they are entering the event with!

Disable Registration
This option disables event registration. You will have to enter the registrants manually, essentially making this a white-list event.

Eventbrite Integration

With the Eventbrite Integration option enabled, you will be able to manage your event from Boothy and choose the Eventbrite event to associate to this Boothy event. Upon setup, attendees brought over from Eventbrite will be sent a registration email unless you check the "Don't send Boothy Registration email" option when associating the Eventbrite event. New registrants from the Eventbrite event will automatically be added to this Boothy event.

Important: if you choose the option to not send Boothy registration email to attendees, then they won't get the link that lets them access the event - you will either have to send those to them manually, or enable the Fast Track Event Entry option under Registration Options.

They will receive a registration email from Boothy unless you check the option to not send email. On the Boothy event info page, the registration button will direct users to the Eventbrite event.

If you separate the Eventbrite event, all registrants that were imported from Eventbrite will be removed from this Boothy event.

Updated on: 21/09/2023

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